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Is My Worksite Accessible To Rhode Islanders with Disabilities? An Employer's Checklist:

  • Are there designated parking spaces for people with disabilities that are close to the entrance?

  • Is there a pathway (without abrupt level changes or steps) that leads from the parking area to the entrance?

  • If ramps are used to provide access, are they appropriately graded and are handrails provided?

  • Are the doors wide enough (at least 3 feet) for people using wheelchairs? Are they easy to open (not excessively heavy, with easily grasped handles, or automatic)?

  • Is the personnel office in an accessible location?

  • Are pathways to the bathroom, water fountains, and public telephone accessible? Can people with disabilities use them?

  • Are elevators accessible to all people with disabilities (control panels lower than 54 inches from the floor, raised symbols or numbers on the control panels)?

  • Is all signage appropriate and accessible for people with visual, learning, and cognitive disabilities (including the use of symbols and graphics)?

  • Does the emergency warning system include both audible and visual alarms?

  • Is there flexibility in operations to accommodate temporary or permanent work re-assignments or job-sharing?

  • Is there a plan, policy, or procedure, known to all employees, for addressing work-related concerns, whether it be
    harassment, productivity, disability or other issues?

  • Is there a plan to ensure the safety of all employees in an emergency?

For more information contact:
Rhode Island Governor's Commission on Disabilities
41 Cherry Dale Court
John O. Pastore Center
Cranston, RI 02920

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