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Tax Credit Information - Legislation, Incentives, Support

Major Employment Provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • The ADA requires equal opportunity in selection, testing, and hiring of qualified applicants with disabilities.

  • The ADA prohibits discrimination against workers with disabilities. This provision is similar to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title V of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The ADA applies to all employers with 15 or more employees.

  • The ADA employment provisions apply to private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies,
    labor organizations, and joint labor-management committees.

  • The ADA requires equal treatment in promotion and benefits.

  • Employers may require that an individual not pose a direct threat to the health and safety of the individual or others.

  • Employers may not make pre-employment inquiries about an applicant's disability or conduct pre-employment medical exams. They may ask if applicants can perform specific job functions and may condition a job offer on results of a medical exam, but only if the exam is required for all entering employees in similar jobs.

  • Employers may conduct tests for the illegal use of drugs and may prohibit illegal use of drugs and alcohol in
    the workplace.

For more information about disability legislation, please visit this web link: RI Governor's Commission on the Disabilities

Financial Incentives

A number of financial incentives are available to employers who hire people with disabilities. To learn more, please visit the Department of Labor - Incentives.

This US Department of Labor site provides information on the Small Business Tax Credit known as the Disabled Access Credit, the Architectural/ Transportation Tax Deduction known as Barrier Removal, and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

In addition, in Rhode Island, wage reimbursement funds, hiring incentives known as On-the-Job Training, are available through the Office of Rehabilitation Services for eligible new hires with disabilities. Not specific to people with disabilities, but potentially available to Rhode Island employers, are incentives and credits for many new hires. Please visit the Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training website for employers.

Support for Rhode Island Employers

A number of mentoring, networking, and professional development opportunities are available to Rhode Island employers to help them and their employees with disabilities. For more information, please visit the following websites:

Interviewing Tips | Accommodation Solutions | Myths vs. Facts
Recruiting Tips | Tax Credit Information

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